Grout time

I've actually been a way from the computer a bit. I've had my hands in concrete, glass shards and grout. That would really gum up my keyboard if I were to type. I'm getting ready for my mosaic demonstration at the greenhouse in a week and a half. I just grouted the 2 garden bowls I had covered with glass and pottery pieces. I'm happy with the charcoal black colored grout against the vibrant stained glass in the Disco Road Garden Bowl.

The Circles Garden Bowl looks softer with grayish blue grout. The immediate center is lost a little, but I really like how the outer circles fade into the edge. It reminds me of a geode- a plain looking rock on the outside, then crack it open to find a colorful treasure. I'd like to experiment with more color combinations. The average size of these garden bowls have been approximately 15 inches to 18 inches across. I hope to make some larger bowls as well. This will give more surface area to actually create a pictorial design. The larger bowls will definitely be heavier, but they would be perfect for a birdbath perched on a rock in a garden.

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Walk in the Woods said...

There are lovely. I like the feel and look of the spiral. And BTW - it was real nice meeting you at Craftastic *and* seeing your beautiful work in person! Perhaps we'll bump into one another at Artwell! Be well. Keep creatin'!