Silver Posies

I really love the use of wire in my fused glass pieces. But the control of unwanted bubbles has been a challenge. I've tried different temps in the kiln, adjusting heating times, prolonging hold times, you name it. I invite the cute bubbles, but all you need is one big, unwanted bubble to ruin your design completely. I discovered a happy little mistake the other day. I had done my usual set up with the layers of glass- starting with a base piece, my wire design, and a cap layer of clear glass. When I removed the pieces from my kiln, I discovered that my top clear layer of glass had slid to the side during the fusing process on one of my pendants. Well the area that was exposed with my wire sunk a bit into the glass just a bit. Now, I am thinking there might be a way to perfect a topless wire fuse. So I'm off to experiment more with wire as a surface embellishment. I'll keep ya posted.

10 deep breaths

I can't believe we are at the end of May already. My last several weeks have been stolen by the sickies. Two sick children can drain minutes and hours away into thin air, dissolving all hopes to get anything accomplished. Funny how this happens to follow my sweet Mother's Day tribute. I've taken a photo of this great little flip book I received for my Birthday from a wise friend. I pick a new page each day to warn my husband of my mood. It's been a great tool in our communication. At least I'm poignantly getting my point across. That is what's important ,...isn't it? I better get another cup of tea, take 10 deep breaths and begin the day with renewed faith. The coughs have quieted and we may just attempt to visit a greenhouse today to start our veggie garden. The sun is shining- one.....two......three........ I'm feeling better already.

Mother's Day

Every year Mother's Day means more to me than the year before. I know it changed once I became a Mom, but theres more to it than that. More of my fellow girlfriends, sister-in-laws and co-workers are becoming Moms, so the network surrounding me is also becoming bigger. It's like you've finally earned a membership into the club, and you are automatically bonded with fellow Moms for life. You talk about poop and leaky boobs without batting an eye.
My view on my Mom has changed. She is more appreciated with each year that I am mothering my own two children. She's has moved to where the winters are warm and she is deeply missed. My best friend is expecting her first child this fall. She is going through testing and screenings to ensure a safe and healthy term for her baby girl. I know women who have tried, but could not be mothers. I've also seen Mothers that wished they weren't. It is such a demanding and thankless job.
Today, I'm quietly examining the dynamics of my family. My 4 year old son has appeared to grow another inch over night officially making all but one pair of pants into highwaters, and my 2 year old daughter was groovin' to Lily Allen on the radio with such spunk I was almost jealous.
I can see how important a Mother really is, and I see how important children are as well.