10 deep breaths

I can't believe we are at the end of May already. My last several weeks have been stolen by the sickies. Two sick children can drain minutes and hours away into thin air, dissolving all hopes to get anything accomplished. Funny how this happens to follow my sweet Mother's Day tribute. I've taken a photo of this great little flip book I received for my Birthday from a wise friend. I pick a new page each day to warn my husband of my mood. It's been a great tool in our communication. At least I'm poignantly getting my point across. That is what's important ,...isn't it? I better get another cup of tea, take 10 deep breaths and begin the day with renewed faith. The coughs have quieted and we may just attempt to visit a greenhouse today to start our veggie garden. The sun is shining- one.....two......three........ I'm feeling better already.

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