Printing Inspiration

I've had a hard time following my last post with anything. It has been over a month and I am ready to write again.

I have just gotten some new enamel paints that I have been experimenting with. I am able to form more delicate lines and detail. To the point where I can draw an original line illustration directly onto the glass. Once fired in my kiln, the painting becomes a permanent picture in the glass. You cannot fire enamels too hot, or they will bake away. I've been capping my pendants with clear glass to help preserve the hand painted image. This can sometimes lead to a cool bubbling effect with the painted image. Opening the kiln is always an exciting moment.

I've been sincerely trying to take in my surroundings. As always, I gravitate towards nature. Images of trees and flowers are prominent in my work. I've also been searching out and enjoying the works of fellow artists. Printmakers and fabric designers are so inspiring, especially their use of line and colors. I've been playing with pairing like colors together. It can give such a peaceful image. It reminds me of printing on fabrics. A simple illustration created in a rich dye coming to life on colorful cloth. I hope to travel this experimental road a bit further. Keep you posted.

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