Packing for an Art Show!

Jens April Glass
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I've been trying like mad to make some more of my hand-painted fused glass pendants. Many nights I've seen midnight pass. It hurts the next morning to get the kids ready for the day and for EJ to catch the bus. I'll do what it takes.
On a brighter note-I am thrilled that it is spring! The blue and green glass is my favorite. I am inspired to my toes. I've been firing my kiln constantly. Maybe I should take the plunge and get a larger one. It's never big enough, ya know. (Interpret that as you see fit.)
I must get my tail moving and card up some of my new work for Hart's Greenhouse & Florist's - GIRL'S NITE OUT. I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and making some new. Rock on!

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