I am a Faerie Dwelling Architect

I can now officially add that to my resume of assorted and random art ventures. My dear friend Matt Greene and I constructed a fantastic little home for our invented faerie friend ‘Flock"’.  The fabulous David Rau, of The Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, was the creative force behind hosting such a magical event at the museum.  (David also happens to be an amazing faerie architect himself. Be sure to scout out his dwelling, the Home of N.)

The premise behind the events was not only to construct, miniature abodes for 3 inch tall occupants,  we were also challenged to incorporate the  museum’s history and love of  impressionism. Each faerie architect was assigned an artist from the Old Lyme Art Colony gang, and we were to cultivate the idea that our faerie was this artist’s muse.

Matt and I chose Carleton Wiggins (1848-1932),  known for painting cows and sheep in the landscape. We imagined that Mr.Wiggin’s faerie muse must be a sheep farmer residing in a wee stone house surrounded with rolling, green meadows and mazes of stonewalls. There are rolls of straw in the fields leading up the the stone barn. His name is ‘Flock’, and sleeps in a cow hair bed with a wool blanket. He works the land, uses his naturals resources, and has some great felted wool socks which you can spy hanging on his clothes-line. Let’s just say, we really got into creating this character.

Can’t wait to see all the dwellings on display starting Columbus Day weekend. There are over 25 faerie dwellings for you to see.Flock's house Fairy Dwelling for Flock Flock's outdoor shower

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Christelle said...

It's adorable! I hope to get down there to see the houses....