EJ at Beach 2007

EJ at Beach 2007
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I was checking out my fabulous friends at FLickr, and noticed a few people mentioning words like LOMO and DUMPR. Well, I wasn't at all familiar with these terms, so I set out to explore a bit further. I immediately found the coolest website, Dumpr.net, and 2 hours and 50 photographs later, I've found another addiction to chip away at my "free" time. What a blast! So, here is the Lomo effect on a picture of my son taken this past summer. "Lomography deals with photoshooting using LOMO cameras. These are russian camera makes who make a color-intensive and blurry lenses. Nowadays, lomography is art and you are welcome to participate!" as stated in their website. It's really cool... Yeah- Dumpr.net, everybody's doing it....

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Jessica Torrant said...

I want to thank you so much for including me in your recent Etsy treasury. You rock!