Get your smile back

Today was a day to attempt to finish up my loose ends. I did my best by following up on emails, re-photographing my fused glass pendants for my shop ( and didn't end up with anything better after all that work), pleaded with friends to give me feedback on my shop and artwork, started thank you notes from my daughter's party, found my lost dog, pumped out my flooded basement...ya know, anything and everything that kept me away from something fun and creative! Through out all that dawdling I revisited one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Shoozles, and I got my smile back. I consider her a fabulous artist, an inspiration, and a friend. You can get lost in her fused glass pendants. The layers, swirls, and color combinations will have you singing a high tune of delight. I have asked her how she does it, and to teach me. I think she thinks I was kidding, but I wasn't. I'm in awe.

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shoozles said...

I am sitting here crying- some days a girl just needs a friend. Jennifer you are the sweetest I swear.